SA.GE srl was founded in 1973 by Roberto Bergamini who based his business on supporting important biomedical companies in the Mirandola area by producing components for haemodialysis lines.

In 1980, he began to develop and market his own products, adding the moulding department to radiofrequency welding

With the entry of his son Luca into the company in 1991, SA.GE gradually began its evolution

In 1998 it obtained the ISO 9001-13485 certification

In 2008 Luca became CEO and embarked on a process of corporate renewal

Specialising in injection moulding, he has replaced the entire production sector with latest generation hybrid presses.

The different tonnages range from 60 tons up to 200 tons and, together with the 50Kwp photovoltaic system, contribute to a lower electricity consumption and to a CO2 reduction of 36 tons/year and therefore to greater respect for the environment.

In addition to the 5 hybrid presses, the moulding is equipped with 3 baby presses, 1 of which is dedicated to liquid silicone rubber injection (LSR).

The company also has 1 ultrasonic welder.

SA.GE manufactures and sells disposable Medical devices and components for the medical and pharmaceutical sector, exporting over 35% of its turnover to EU and non-EU countries.

The processes take place in 2 ISO 8 clean rooms, one used for moulding and the other for the manual assembly of its MDs.

Over time, the optimisation of the production processes has allowed implementing moulding for third parties as well.

The collaboration of valid professionals allows us to support customers in the creation of new products, following them step by step from design to final development.

With the entry into the company of his daughters Fabiola and Nicole, SA.GE is in its third generation and aims to compete, innovate, develop new markets to keep up with a world that is changing rapidly

With 50 years of commitment, challenges and successes we put all our experience at the customer’s service